The Vehicle Designers Review (VDR) first went on line in 2010 and provided a useful snapshot of vehicle design trends and design technology at that time. It was (and remains) an invaluable reference tool for OEM and independent design studios, vehicle design managers and their teams. VDR focuses not only on future vehicle design trends but also looks at the latest studio technology and component suppliers that work on an OEMs interior and exterior design programme. Although its content is predominantly focussed on automotive design it will be equally of interest to those working on commercial, industrial and recreational vehicles.


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The second Vehicle Designers Review will be 250+ pages in size and will be divided into three sections:

Design Studio Technology

Independent Design / Prototyping Services

Interior / Exterior Components, Materials and Systems

The Vehicle Designers Review will be designed using our proven online publishing template which not only gives advertisers more promotional options but also gives readers a far more interactive experience and faster response mechanism than printed media. Designed specifically to be read easily online it will again incorporate movies and email and website links. We have improved this format since the last edition with a larger text size making the VDR even more reader friendly. It will also have bookmark, search, tell a friend and thumbnail and print options.

The Vehicle Designers Review will always be completely free to access with no subscription costs. In our experience this ensures that the magazine is widely read within all relevant departments. One of the greatest benefits of our magazine format is the ease with which its content can be shared with colleagues.

Target readership is to OEM automotive, commercial, industrial and recreational vehicle design managers and their teams worldwide and to major tier1 suppliers actively involved in the initial interior/exterior design process. The VDR will be online for a minimum of 12 months and will be marketed for 12 months - we guarantee at least 7500 readers during that time however we expect to significantly exceed this. The last edition had in excess of 15000 visitors.

Readership is split approximately as Europe - 52%, Nth America 33% and ROW - 15%. A sample of our registered readers is available on request.

The Vehicle Designers Review will remain online permanently even when new editions are published meaning the publication will become a useful and ongoing source of information for those involved in vehicle design. It does not cover news or events to avoid it becoming dated.

The second edition of the The Vehicle Designers Review will go online in December 2012.

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